Briefcase in perfect condition identical to the one shown in the seller's photograph. I give you 4 stars because by closing with chips inside, the upper sponge is too thick and does not allow the complete closure of the suitcase. So you must force yourself to shut it down completely, which makes small quality failures appear on the outer and inner joints. Expected quality/price.

200PCS Capacitate Pătrat Chips-uri Valiza Chip Recipient Cazul Cip/Cutie Chips-uri de Poker Pătrat de Aluminiu Valiza 1buc


SKU: a590

200PCS Capacitate PĂTRAT Chips-uri Valiza Chip Container

Material : Aluminiu

Greutate : 0.99 kg

Dimensiune : 34.5*23*7cm

  • Nume De Brand: goodeasy
  • Material: Aluminiu
  • 200PCS Dimensiune: 33.5x23x7cm 0.99 kg
  • Numărul De Model: PKS-SQ1T2

Etichete: aluminiu costum de caz, casă de aluminiu, chips-uri de poker metal, cip de stocare, poker, cip de poker, a crea caseta de chips-uri de poker, tesatura chips-uri de poker, exploreaza cutie, aluminiu container de depozitare cutie.

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